About Us

About Us: 

Quorvita’s goal is to help people reduce stress during life’s journey.  This is a difficult task with the ever presence of sensationalized, and often fake, information being broadcast daily.  The old maxim that words cannot hurt is not true.  Fortunately, science, common sense, and faith are effective tools that can be used to counter this misinformation and help accomplish the stated goal.

We have found the hidden obvious – that Joy suppresses Fear and calms stress.  This connection appears from the moments of birth.  A baby upon seeing the mother’s face and feeling her warm arms triggers a smile.  This simple smile shows that the baby’s Joy vanquishes all the fears.  And a baby’s fears are not small.

As we travel along life’s journey, we forget about the power of Joy over fear.  This website attempts to reintroduce people to this power. 

Surprisingly, once you understand and learn this connection, it becomes easier and easier to implement.

This website does not request, nor does it generate income from any source. You will see no advertising, sales promotions, or profit motivated gimmicks. It is to teach you how to help yourselves to reduce fear and its associated stress. 

Why would someone gratuitously help others?  It happens everywhere and all the time.  Next time you’re in church look around you.  How many are there for profit?  If an older person falls down on the sidewalk, how many people come to their aid.  Almost everyone nearby, and it is not for self-gain.    

The Blog portion of the website offers a way for people to provide personal stories of Joy and to share ideas for the sole purpose of helping others.  This section is currently under construction and should be on-line soon.

Quorvita LLC is a Limited Liability Company of Nevada with its principal office located at 8175 S Virginia Street, #850, Suite 343, Reno, Nevada 89511.  The email address is President@Quorvita.com.

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