Fears that the world is coming to an end has been around since humans walked on the earth.   Every generation has had some kind of end-of-the-world scenario.  The fear of a nuclear holocaust brought on by man peaked until the Soviet Union disbanded.  That was about the time when the Climate Change fear became popular.  First there was an oncoming ice age which was going to freeze the crops and cause mass starvation.  That segwayed into an oncoming heat wave.  Same fear – end-of-the-earth and same cause – humans. 

Fear is an emotion that is real to the person that has it.  It is not an opinion.   Understanding why this fear exists is helpful in reducing it. 

Fear cannot be eliminated nor should it.  It keeps us from putting our hand in the fire or prancing around in the middle of a den of hungry lions.  In this regard, fear protects us.  And that is good.  But, too much fear is bad and can hurt us.  The purpose of this section on Climate Change is to answer questions and provide some basic knowledge to help with understanding the root of the fears.    

The Questions below are the most often asked.  Click on the Question that interests you.  It will take you to a brief summary of the important points with a link to detailed scientific studies, data and charts.  At the end of each Question is an Answer that Quorvita believes is the most accurate.  

Members are invited to provide information that supports, opposes or expands the views presented.  Members may propose new questions and answers.  Truth advances when all points of view are raised, considered and debated.