C. What does the Opposition about benefits from CO2?

There are numerous publications that state the higher CO2 concentrations are going to cause famine, lower food production, etc.   These positions are all based on the belief that CO2 causes the temperature to increase.  Even though this causation belief has been proven wrong and been admitted to be incorrect by the IPCC in 2007, the argument persists throughout the climate change community. 

Historically, over time periods of millions of years the CO2 concentration has varied between 180 and 8,000 ppmv.  The Figure 5 below shows when high concentrations existed on earth.  During those time periods, the earth had one of its largest production of plant and animal life and created all of the fossil fuels in existence today.  

During the period of 350 to 550 million years ago, almost all coal, shale oil and some crude oil was made.  This meant that the Earth had an enormous amount of plant life during that period.  During 50 to 250 million years ago, the Earth had an enormous amount of plant and land animals.   During these periods highlighted in yellow, the CO2 levels varied from 2,000 ppmv to 8,000 ppmv.  Earth experienced the greatest plant growth during those periods.  Claims that CO2 levels 100 times smaller is “out of control” and spells doom to the Earth is disputed by history.