A. Is There a Political Connection?

Politics is interwoven into every aspect of life.   Politicians follow publicity.  If there is more publicity on a certain subject, there is a stronger connection.  As such, there is no question that politics are involved in the climate change controversy.   The question is not whether politics is involved, but how much is it involved.   In a UN report in 2007 showed that media coverage has been rising since 1988 from around 750 newspaper articles to 7500 articles in 2006.  [Boykoff M and Roberts T (2007) Media Coverage of Climate Change, Current Trends, Strengths and Weaknesses, United Nations’Human Development Report.]  In the United States the Wall Street Journal had less than 100 articles/yr in 2000 and that increased to 750 articles/yr by 2020. [https://sciencepolicy.colorado.edu/icecaps/research/media_coverage/usa/index.html]  The vast majority of the articles have been strongly favorable to a Greenhouse Effect agenda.