D. Have there been Impediments to Validation?

Not Disclosing Scientific Laws, Equations and Bases. The IPCC Assessment Reports, some 9000 pages, were directed mainly to projections of global consequences.  Very little was directed to proving the validity of the Greenhouse Effect.  The IPCC did not present any equations and analysis for the validity of the Greenhouse Effect.   (See Questions 3 & 4)   The IPCC did not present the equations and analysis for the validity of the future projections in any of the Assessment Reports. (See Questions 10)  The Venus and Mars analysis had no equations, assumptions, or scientific analysis.  (Question 7)  Nondisclosure is contrary to good scientific principles and hampers validation.  It requires a reverse engineering process to determine what was done.   

Lack of Engineers. Carbon dioxide and thermodynamics are the two largest technical issues associated with the Greenhouse Effect.  These issues are also the two subjects that are taught in every chemical engineering school in the nation.  Out of the thousands of authors and IPCC members, Quorvita was only able to locate a reference to one chemical engineer.  The single most important and complicated features intertwined within the Greenhouse Effect has an absence of the most technologically qualified expert.