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Question 3. What is the Greenhouse Effect [Quorvita]

A. What are Kirchhoff's Radiation Laws?

The Earth’s surface warms during the day, from the sunlight, and cools by emitting infrared or heat radiation back to space. The sunlight passes through the atmosphere unimpeded.  The earth radiate infrared to the sky.  Certain gases absorb the infrared rays and re-radiate it over and over again as the infrared heat passes upward until it disperses into the vacuum of space. The rotation of the Earth continuously changes the temperature from place to place. This is balanced by winds, rains, and ocean currents in a natural thermodynamic dance.

B. What is the Greenhouse Effect Hypothesis?

The greenhouse effect theory postulates that the infrared radiation emitted by the gases in cooler, higher altitudes will heat the warmer gases and objects below, i.e., cold will heat hotter objects.  This hypothesis is unproven and contrary to several scientific laws.  There are no laboratory experiments supporting the greenhouse effect.  The greenhouse effect’s basic premise is that CO2 causes global warming.  But this is inconsistent with the observation that CO2 occurs after the temperature change. Simply put, instead of CO2 being the cause of temperature change, as stated by the greenhouse effect, it is actually the effect after temperatures have already changed.

C. What is Infrared Absorption Saturation?

A molecule stops absorbing infrared when it reaches its “full” level. But, this is inconsistent with the greenhouse effect where “cold heats hot.” If colder radiation heats a gas at a higher energy state (higher temperature) then there would be no such thing as saturation. The gas would simply become hotter and hotter.

D. Microwave Ovens Use Dielectric Heating Not a Greenhouse Effect.

Several blogs supporting the greenhouse effect have cited the microwave oven as proof of the greenhouse effect. In a microwave oven, radiation heating (photon absorption/emission) does not do any heating.  Within microseconds the molecules become completely staurated. 

Micowave heating is done by oscillating magnetic and electric fields, which causes the polar molecules to flip back and forth millions of times per second. This process is called dielectric heating. It is a completely different mechanism than the greenhouse effect, which is based on radiation heating.


The Greenhouse Effect Theory hypothesizes that infrared radiation from colder gases higher up in the atmosphere heats warmer gases and objects below.  This hypothesis is unsupported by laboratory tests, inconsistent with observational history, and contrary to known physical and scientific laws. 

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