Question 5.  Are there any Laboratory Tests that support the Greenhouse Effect?[Quorvita]

A. The IPCC Admitted there were No Laboratory Tests Performed that Support the Greenhouse Effect Hypothesis.

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 1990 Assessment Report listed three reasons why the greenhouse effect was true. Absent from the list is a single laboratory test. If a laboratory test existed, the organization that leads the world on the greenhouse effect would certainly have referenced it.

B. Are there any Laboratory Tests that Prove the Greenhouse Effect?

Conventional greenhouse type experiments are not applicable.  At most, glass enclosed greenhouse tests prove Kirchhoff’s radiation laws, i.e., that CO2 and H2O can absorb radiation from high energy light sources.  The greenhouse effect hypothesis is based on low-energy, longwave, infrared radiation.  The supporting data discusses these greenhouse experiments in detail.  The IPCC never discussed, recommended, or adopted the conventional greenhouse type experiment as a valid test.  


The standard greenhouse type experiments are not applicable, because they use high-energy light or heat lamps to heat the air inside. The greenhouse effect is based on low-energy infrared. As such, there are currently no laboratory tests verifying the Greenhouse Effect.