A. IPCC has Admitted there are No Laboratory Tests Performed that Support the Greenhouse Effect Hypothesis

The IPCC 1990 at page xiv states three reasons why the Greenhouse Effect is true.

 “How do we know that the natural greenhouse effect is real.”

 It lists three things and only three things:

  • Firstly, the earth is warmer by 33 degrees from what calculations show it should be;
  • Secondly, the compositions of Venus and Mars support the Greenhouse Effect Theory; and
  • Thirdly Ice core measurements going back 160,000 years show greenhouse gas concentrations match global temperatures. 

Absent from the list is a reference to any laboratory tests.  If a test existed, the organization that leads the world on the Greenhouse Effect would certainly have mentioned it.  In the entire 393 page first assessment report, there is no mention of a laboratory test except to say that laboratory tests showed increased plant growth in elevated CO2 environments. (pg. 292)   There have been multiple IPCC assessment reports and none of them–not a single one- identify a laboratory test proving or supporting the Greenhouse Effect Hypothesis.