Question 6. What Does CO2 Geologic History Show? [Quorvita]

A. What does the History Show?

The average CO2 concentration for the last 570 million years is 2560 ppmv with a standard deviation (normal fluctuation) of 2000 ppmv.  The current level is shown in the red line. It indicates that Earth is at a dangerously low CO2 level and could be headed towards potential extinction.  Plants cannot breathe when the CO2 level drops below 100 ppmv.

B. Does Temperature Changes Control CO2 Levels?

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) argues that ice core records prove the greenhouse effect.  But geological records show that temperatures changed first, followed by a change in CO2.  In fact, CO2 solubility goes down with higher ocean temperatures (more than 90% of all CO2 is in the ocean).  For example, if you pop the top on a can of soda and then heat the can, the CO2 pours out as it is heated.  And in the illustration to the right, the umbrella did not cause the rain, but rain can indirectly cause people to open an umbrella.

C. Did the IPCC Admit that Temperature Controls CO2?

The IPCC admitted, in 2007, that the CO2 rise occurred AFTER the temperature increased.  That should have closed the chapter on the theory.  But, the IPCC changed the explanation.  The new position is that CO2 enhances the temperature, that is, the temperature would not have risen as much or as fast but for the CO2.  However, the documents cited as showing an enhancement theory actually proved the opposite.

D. What do the Documents Show Regarding Enhancement?

The evidence presented showed that when temperatures went down, the CO2 reacted in one of three ways: sometimes it lagged behind, sometimes it continued to rise, and sometimes it remained flat.   If the temperature is dropping while the CO2 is increasing, staying the same, or dropping at a slower rate, then there can be no enhancement.  All three of those observations were in the documents cited.  Hence, the observations negate an enhancement effect.

E. What are the Current Observations?

Current observations of CO2 and Temperature show that the ocean temperature increases first which causes CO2 to be degassed from the ocean into the atmosphere.


Geologic history shows that the temperature goes up before CO2 changes, i.e. CO2 does not cause an increase in temperature.   This was admitted by the IPCC in 2007.  The IPCC then argued an enhancement effect, i.e. the temperatures would not have gone up as much but for the CO2.  The very documents referenced to prove an enhancement theory showed the opposite.  Since historical and current observations show that temperature controls CO2 it disproves the basic Greenhouse Effect premise.