D. Do the IPCC’s Documents Support the Enhancement Theory?

Figure 6.3 set forth below shows that Temperature drops before CO2 decreases.  This is contrary to the enhancement theory.  If the temperature was being enhanced by the CO2 why did the temperature drop first while the CO2 continued on.  How can the temperature be enhanced when it dropped without as drop in CO2.  The above Figure shows a reducing temperature followed by a reducing CO2.  If the CO2 was the cause for temperature increase, then a drop in CO2 would signal that it is time for the temperature to drop.  But, that is not the observation.  The Temperature drops first.  In the time period of 115-135 years, the temperature dropped first and then the CO2 began to drop.  The CO2 dropped but then slowed down between about 275 to 270 ppmv while the temperature continued on dropping.  These observations do not support CO2 in a controlling position or in an enhancing position.  It further provides evidence that temperature controls the CO2

Biology would provide an explanation why the CO2 dropped at a slower rate.  The higher CO2 concentration allows an expansion of the plant growth.  There are numerous publications on this issue.  [Reiny, S (April 26, 2016) CO2 is making Earth Greener NASA, Climate.nasa.gov; Radford T, June 9, 2013, Study Finds Plant Growth Surges as CO2 Levels Rise, CimateCentral.org]   A return to the old growth patterns would take some time.  

A train provides an analogy of what is taking place.  The locomotive pulls the train cars.  Hence the locomotive (temperature) moves first.  The train cars (CO2) then move, but sometimes they lag slightly behind the train engine until all of the slack between the cars are taken up.  The reverse is also true.  When the locomotive slows the train cars begin to slow afterward.  Sometimes the back cars continue on until the slack has been taken up.  This is consistent with the actual observations of a dropping temperature followed by a delay in the drop in CO2.