C. What do Mars, Venus and Earth Combined Show?

When all three planets are analyzed, it directly disproves the Greenhouse Effect Hypothesis.  In analyzing the three planets, several things should be considered: 1. the amount of radiance striking the top of each atmosphere is different because of the different distances from the sun; 2. the amount of sunlight that is reflected (albedo) from each planet; 3. the density of the atmospheres of each; and 4. the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.  Because, the IPCC has attributed 100 % of the temperature above the planet assuming no atmosphere, then we do not have to consider things such as changes in the orbits, tilts, sun’s intensity, thermal reservoirs like ice, land and oceans, thermodynamics such as convection and conduction, volcanic actions, thermal influences from moon cycles, thermal and pressure differentials causes by winds, nuclear heating in the cores the planet, etc.  The IPCC has eliminated those factors by its singular contention that Greenhouse Effect is responsible for all heating and cooling above the black body temperature. 

The following Table  shows that the Greenhouse Effect is not operative to prove that it is the sole cause for the temperate change.  The analysis using IPCC data shows that it has no significant or measurable relationship. 

The data and calculations shown in the above Table indicates that the Greenhouse Effect mechanism does not apply to either Venus or Mars.  The projected warming temperatures are not close to the actual observed, i.e. using the Venus model it would show that Earth’s warming temperature would be 0°C or the same as the black body temperature.  But it is not.  It is about 33°C.   Using Mars as the Model, then average Earth’s warming temperature should have risen 103°C.  That is above the boiling point of water.  These calculations illustrate that there is no correlation between the planets temperatures based on a Greenhouse Effect Analysis. 

Although these calculations do not prove what caused the actual warming temperatures, they do significantly disprove the Greenhouse Effect.  There is a difference in the amount and degree of evidence between proving something and disproving something.  For example, is very difficult to prove that someone murdered another person.  It requires evidence of intent.    On the other hand, it is easy to disprove that the person guilt.  Evidence that he was in a different country during the crime is all that is neceessary.     

Had the IPCC submitted their calculations in their report, it would have been helpful to find out why they concluded that the Greenhouse Effect caused the entire warming on each planet and contrary to the calculations above.

Nikolov N, Zeller K (2017) New Insights on the Physical Nature of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Deduced from an Empirical Planetary Temperature Model. Environ. Pollut. Climate Change 1: 112 studied Venus, Mars, Earth, Moon, Titan and Triton.  They analyzed numerous different physical criteria associated with each planet and moon in relation to a potential Greenhouse Effect Theory.  They found that the Greenhouse effect was the result of “atmospheric thermal effect rather than a cause for it.”  The conclusion was that the Greenhouse Effect was not a valid basis for explaining thermal deviations. (pg. 17)