B. Do Viruses Mutate?

DNA viruses are more stable and do not mutate as easily as RNA viruses.  Vaccines are highly effective in controlling non-mutating or slow mutating viruses.  The more a virus mutates the more difficult it is to design a vaccine.  On the other hand, viruses that mutate frequently place limits on their own survivability.  The faster a virus mutates, the faster that virus will die out.  Some scientists are even looking into increasing virus mutations as a means to kill out a line of bad viruses [Nathan Grubaugh, Grubaughlab Nathan Grubaugh | Grubaugh Lab]

Some doctors in Italy have reported observations of the COVID19 virus mutating into a less deadly form.  [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8444151/Coronavirus-withered-aggressive-tiger-wild-cat-Italian-scientist-claims.html]  A scientific study has not been located to substantiate these observations, but the mechanics of this type of mutation process has been well documented.