D. What Crashed the Health System?

The Hospitals and Health System was overwhelmed in New York, Italy, Spain, and many other Nations for many reasons.  The short answer is that all hospitals and Health care systems are set up based on economics. There is no economic reason to plan for pandemics that occur once or twice every 50 years.  To build thousands of rooms that would wait unused for 20 years to handle a pandemic would bankrupt any health care system. 

It is not because any administrator or government official failed to do something.  It’s called a pandemic and you handle a pandemic with what you have. 

On the other hand, what we have in our arsenal is massive.  There are thousands of research facilities and private businesses working to find cures for various diseases. 

  • Small pox killed millions and is now gone. 
  • Polio is on the verge of being eradicated. 
  • Measles killed many millions over the years it was down to 12 cases in 2020 and with no deaths. 
  •  Diphtheria was a major killer of children and in the last 10 years there were 5 cases. 
  • The Spanish Flu killed millions outside the United States and 600,000 in the United States primarily because of ensuing bacterial infections.  Antibiotics were invented primarily because of the Spanish Flu.   

The wonderful things that the medical world has done has been motivated by pandemics .