A. Manipulation Basics

This section deals with the basics as to what are the hidden elements behind manipulation.  Manipulation is a part of life’s struggles and all animals use it.  They can be negative or positive, but the driving force behind them is an emotion.  This means that if an emotion is induced by another be careful.  It is usually some kind of manipulation.  Several practice exercises are provided to help with identifying when a manipulation pops up.  Emotions have a way of obscuring their discovery.  Manipulation is simultaneously the most chronic as well as the most hidden of the fear triggers.

B. How to Spot Manipulation

Because manipulation has been around for a very long time, there are hundreds of techniques.  The ones most repeated have received its own name known as a fallacy.  The top 14 fallacies are discussed in the link below examples.  Two are used on a daily basis, i.e. the Name Calling fallacy and the Confusing Fact with an Opinion fallacy.  Spotting when these fallacies are used educates against unknown or hidden manipulations.

C. Entertainment Industry.

The entire Entertainment Industry is built around emotions.  They are meant to manipulate.  (Buy a ticket or subscribe to this service, and we will make you feel better.)  The number of sensory inputs increases the manipulation effect of emotions.  A detailed discussion of these sensory inputs, including books, movies, video games, music, and humor, are discussed in the link below.  

The Entertainment Industry bears a responsible for accentuating many specific fears, including death, spiders, snakes, heights, and closed spaces. 

D. Propaganda.

All advertisements, all commercials, and all political ads are propaganda.  All are designed to manipulate; even the ones that appear to recite facts.  They are opinions cleverly disguised as facts.  Several practice ads provide convenient and easy to follow practice exercises.  Hands on analysis of each ad reveal hidden manipulations.  There are several websites set forth in the link that reveal where to go to find complaints against various manufactures and sellers as well as the various products and services being marketed.  A few remedies are identified.