Fun Personality Quiz

This Fun Personality Quiz is different.

This Fun Personality Quiz does not determine your personality type.  That comes from others.  This quiz trains you to analyze problems and postulate solutions from the point of views of various personality types. 

Each question makes you think about how you would handle a situation, and then how someone else with a different personality would handle it.   For example, assume you have a Type A Personality and you as manager become irritated when another employee leaves early every day but always finishes their work before leaving.   As an A type you might conclude that you are not giving the employee enough work.  A type B manager might congratulate the employee of finding a way to finish all the work before the others.  Which personality would have the better answer?  Who would have more stress?

Many of these quiz questions involve real persons and actual situations.   The answers they chose, or the ones proposed by Quorvita are neither correct nor incorrect.  They are just answering from one point of view.   

Click on the Answer link after each question to see the proposed answer.   If you have an idea for more questions and/or creative solutions, please email Quorvita LLC. 

There are several groups of Quiz Questions.  The first involve warm-up questions on basic vocabulary terms.  There are groups relating to the four personality types.  Another involves identifying which personality type may be associated with the sample situation. 

Warm-up Questions.  — Questions 1-10

Personality Type A.  —  Questions 11-20

Personality Type B.  —   Questions 21-30

Personality Type C.   —  Questions 31-40

 Personality Type D.   — Questions 41-50

Pick the Personality.  —  Questions -51-60

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