Group 1 - Warm-up Questions

Question # 1.   Which personality type is very social?

Type B.  Their main intrinsic trait is friends, and the main extrinsic trait is honesty.  Both only exist in a social relationship

Question # 2.   Which personality type has a strong desire to win?

Type A.  Their main intrinsic trait is winning.

Question # 3.   At a large social party which personality type is more likely to be off by themselves?

Type D.   Although many type C’s may be next in line.

Question # 4.  Which personality type enjoys solving problems involving logic?

Type C.   Logic is a component of the intelligence trait.

Question # 5.  Which personality type is associated with the competition?

Type A.  There are many traits that come into play, including winning, courage/bravery, ambition, and Control/Power.

Question # 6.   In a large gathering where there are issues where voting is done by raising hands, which personality type is more likely not to raise their hand (even if they wanted to) if no others raise their hands?  

Type D.  The traits of agreeableness and observant are at play.

Question # 7.   Which personality type feels more at home being the life of the party? 

Type B.  The traits of Rapport Power, communication power, easy going, dreamer, and having friends come into play.  

Question # 8.   Which personality type would enjoy questions like: “if two circles partially overlap the overlapping portion will always be smaller than the either of the two circles?”

Type C.  This is an inference generated by logic under the intelligence trait. 

Question # 9.   Usefulness is a controlling trait of which personality type? 

Type C.  This is the useful trait. 

Question # 10.   Which personality type is often called workaholics?

Type A.  This is the workaholic trait.