This quiz is different.  It does not determine your personality type.  That must come from others.  This quiz is to train you to analyze a problem and then postulate a solution.  When you read each question think about how a particular personality type would handle it.  This is important because we deal with different personality types every day.  

Many of these questions are cases involving real persons and actual situations.   The answers they choose or the ones proposed by Quorvita are neither correct or incorrect.  They are just answers from one point of view.    Click on the Answer link after each question to see the proposed answer. 

There are three groups of Quiz Questions.  The first involve warm-up questions on basic vocabulary terms.  The second group are sample cases broken down into the four personality types.  The third group involve identifying which personality type may be associated with sample situation. 

Personality Type A.  —  Questions 11-20