2. What Is a Type A Personality Trait

Type A Personality Trait of Courageknight protects

a. What are the Extrinsic Characteristics (Fear Related)

Main Extrinsic Type A Personality Trait – Loyalty.

Many people believe that the Type A person demands loyalty.  But, that is not entirely true.  The benefits of loyalty flow from the Type A person to others.  Loyalty influences all of the other traits, and as such is a dominate trait. 

Other extrinsic traits include:

Protection.  A Types are extremely protective of their clan (family, company) and will fiercely fend off threats.  

Courage and Bravery impart useful advantages, especially in related to protection.  

Decision making is a hallmark trait of a Type A personality. Being responsible for decision making provides them with great pleasure.  To the Type A there are no bad decisions, only bad results. 

Ambitious. The A Type is known for being ambitious. They freely accept additional responsibilities, but in order to succeed they must learn the art of delegating. 

Control & Power are two of the most envied qualities of the Type A personality.  This take on many forms such as physical presence (taking center stage), economic dominance, psychological control (signs & things announcing status), communication power (strong debaters), information power (using information to obtain benefits), moral power (using ethics to influence others), language power (words that leave little room to negotiate), and many others. 

Workaholics.  The stereotype is true. Many Type A people are workaholics.

Responsibility is a learned trait and can be the source or great stress or soothing calm.  How to switch stress to calm is surprisingly easy.  It is covered in the “Detailed Discussion” link at the bottom of this section.

b. What are the Intrinsic Characteristics (Joy Related).

Main Intrinsic Trait Winning.

Winning has many elements, levels, and rules. The traditional view is that for someone to win there must be a loser.  Winning for the Type A person does not necessarily require a loser.  For example, finding the best spouse is considered the biggest win.  With the Type A personality, winning is pervasive and a dominate trait. 

Love & Family are considered core value traits.  The issue of whether someone should marry people with the same or opposite traits is addressed in the “Detailed Discussion” link at the bottom of this section. 

Compassion and Empathy play a significant role in older years, as evidenced by Type A people being the largest creators of philanthropic organizations.

Humor categories are not linked to personality types as much as they are tied to the reasons why people seek humor. It’s still unclear the exact effect that each personalty type derives from humor, but it is known that humor is good for stress reduction, friend bonding, general health, etc.

Entertainment is similarly not linked to a particular trait, but appears to fluctuate with hormones, age, drugs, ancestry, local customs, etc. 

c. How to Appeal to an A Type Person.

Helping a Type A win rates the strongest appeal. This means benefits naturally flow from being present at each win.  This creates the lucky charm syndrome.

Everyone appreciates earnest compliments, but Types A  individuals dislikes phony compliments.

Never argue with the validity of a decision even if it appears to be a bad one. If your opinion is requested, do not lie.  A better approach would be to search for the hidden benefits. They are  always present.

Avoid being the one who breaks bad news, unless you caused it. In that case be prepared to mount a defense. Failure to defend yourself may be viewed as a greater problem than the bad news itself.

Gifts that imply success, power, or influence, rise to the top while “touchy feely” things occupy the space at the bottom.

You should not be late to meetings and get to the point in the first two or three sentences. The A Types view wasted time as wasted money.

d. Weakness of the Type A Personality Trait.

The A Types are accustomed to being in control.  They enjoy making decisions and lack patience with others.  Therefore, they are susceptible to making hasty decisions. 

They are enjoy winning, which increases confidence, and therefore feeds arrogance.  Arrogance may result in ignoring or deferring other valid information or opinions.  This is where they are most vulnerable. 

Another weaknesses is over-protection, particularly with their own children.  Over-protection is a root cause of many phobias in children.  A list of 7 ways to detect over-protection are identified in the “Detailed Discussion” link below. 

All personalities types are prone to abuse of power. Laws are the main means for curtailing or controlling it, but professional societies and religious organizations  participate in providing significant controls. 

Concentrate on quality over quantity when dealing with workaholics.  Several methods for obtaining quality time are discussed in the “Detailed Discussions” link below. 

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