3. What is a Type B Personality Trait?

Type B Personality Trait Cowgirl

a. Extrinsic Characteristics (Stress or Fear Related)

Main extrinsic Type B personality trait  – Honesty. 

To join the Type B club, you better possess the dominate trait of honesty.  This trait combines trust and fairness.  The link below takes you to interesting points and examples. 

Other extrinsic traits include:

Type-B personalities brandish control and power as well as the next guy.  But, they enjoy the social give-and-take i.e. the chase, more than the win.  This makes Type B individuals exceptional salespeople.  The Rapport they create with the buyer often results in friendship bond as strong as the product loyalty.   They do this by noticing all those subtle non-verbal signals and by being flexible so as to seamlessly flow in any direction.  The skill is known as “off the cuff.” 

Easy Going. Being easy going makes them heart healthy.  But do not confuse easy going with lazy.  Type B personalities are the most enthusiastic of the personality types, using passion, charisma, and creativity as the guideposts. 

Humor is used by all personality traits to relieve stress, but the Type B people create it.

Spontaneity adds the spice to life.

b. Intrinsic Characteristics (Joy Related)

Main Intrinsic Trait Friends.  

As the picture of the dogs suggests, a Friend is everything.  Try and find a paragraph written by a Type B without a friendship connection.  Good luck! 

Other intrinsic traits are discussed with examples in the link below and include:

  • Compassion forming the foundation for the creation of medicine;
  • Dreamers adding color to paintings, scents to flowers, and tastes to food;
  • Roamers doing that same thing as dreamers but involving life experiences; (all potential retirees should read this) and
  • Patience being the calm in the face of controversy. 

The question is not who is a Type B but why isn’t everyone a B.  

c. How to Appeal to a Type B Person.

Type B personalities need good listeners and the more the better.  Organize a picture taking event with a celebrity and you’ll win their admiration.  

Arranging events involving large crowds is appreciated, particularly where the type is persuaded to say a few words. The fact that the crowd is there for other reasons is not as important as the size of the crowd.  Talking in front of a crowd of 500 will be fondly remembered for many years.

Type B people also appreciate honest praise. To give a good compliment, be sincere and keep it specific. Even a small compliment that is heartfelt, will carry more weight than a disingenuous one. 

d. Weaknesses/Vulnerabilities/Dislikes of Type B Personality Trait.

Procrastination. Staying on task is a weakness that often carries consequences.  There are many apps that help with this problem.  If this does not work you can do what the Type A people do – delegate tasks to others. 

Perception of being Disliked is the hidden weakness of the Type B.  They will do almost anything to try and please people.  That makes them vulnerable in business matters.

Criticism, which ties in with the perception of being disliked, is taken particularly hard by a B Type.  Social media is the greatest and the worst platform wrapped up in one bundle.  Before one responds to criticism on social media, it is best to wait until emotions have subsided.  What is said in social media is recorded for all time.  AND according to the Payn Paradox it will pop up at the most inopportune time.

Being talkative is what makes Type B personalities the life of the party.  To them, a quiet party is a boring party.  But when it comes to negotiating, where silence being the strongest tool, Type B people struggle. 

Loneliness is a plague to the Type B, and science has recently establishes that there may be a physical connection.  These topics are addressed in more detail in the link below. 

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