C. What Actions Sway the Type B Personality Trait?

A good listener is high on the Type B’s must-have list.  The words, “Wow, that’s interesting. Tell me more,” are irresistible. 

When it comes to people, more is better.  They enjoy being the center of attention, and a crowd is better than a small group. 

Praise of any kind is appreciated.  Awards that acknowledge the person rather than the accomplishments are preferred.  A plaque that states “best liked person” is better than a more expensive pen set or gold watch. 

If you invite the Type B person to have their picture taken with a celebrity, they will often modestly decline, saying, “It’s not necessary,” or “I don’t want to bother them.”  They mean the exact opposite.  They love the association with a famous person and will display the picture in their office and on the home mantle.  Each time they see the picture, they will remember that you made it possible.  This is easily the number one thing to do if you want to impress a B-type. 

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