D. Weaknesses/Vulnerabilities/Dislikes of Type C Personality Trait.

The Type C personality is the most difficult to trick in fun or in business.  They make it a habit to be thorough.  But there is a trick that often works.  It’s a maneuver called “make them think it’s their idea.”  It’s pretty self explanatory, but if you want to learn how to do it, simply make an appointment with any hairdresser.  They have heard it all and they can recite the maneuver in interesting detail. 

This maneuver is usually so subtle that it is sometimes impossible to detect.  One investigatory approach would be to back-track and see what triggered the idea in the first place.  The what trigger may lead to who.  From there, the answer should reveal itself.  If the back-tracking doesn’t lead to a suggestion that someone else made, then the idea is likely yours.

C-types are highly organized and find order calming.  Needing organization can be a source of weakness.

Take the example of a Type C personality playing Texas hold ’em poker with friends.  He or she is likely memorizing the cards and mentally calculating the probabilities.  The weakness shows when they organizing the up-cards in a neat row.  If a friend reaches over and skews one of the cards, this out-of-place card causes so much stress that calculating probabilities is probably no longer an objective. 

In professional poker games, a player must not touch the opponent’s cards.  But they can observe which players have organized their cards in neat rows.  Or the opposing player can arrange their cards in a jumbled mess and then observe those who react to the clutter.  These are the C-types.  They have a higher likelihood of counting cards and calculating probabilities. 

C-types are driven by logic and reasoning.  Bluffing is not based on either.  Hence, this is one of their weaknesses.  If some action is illogical, then the Type C personality is at risk.  There are hundreds and thousands of things that do not follow logic.  Even the values of stocks are often dictated by emotions more than logic or reason. 

 There are many investment and business opportunities that are controlled by emotions and future possibilities.  For example, almost no entertainment endeavors (movies, television, music, sports, etc.) are based on logic or fundamentals.  These are areas that comprise a potential weakness for the C-type.

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