A. Extrinsic Characterists

1. Anticipation. This is the intuitive ability to use past events to forecast a future occurrence.  Forecasting is a routine and necessary function for all businesses and governmental entities.  It is also the foundation for all product marketing, i.e., the thing that will increase future sales.

A company sought advice from a marketing firm in order to help them sell a breakfast cereal.  A tiger was suggested as the motivating icon. It projected strength to those who ate the cereal, while imparting health benefits from the hidden vitamins.  The marketing firm’s ability to predict how the public would react to the tiger mascot, is a classic example of how anticipation led to Kellogg’s Frost Flakes becoming one of the Nation’s most recognized cereals.

In 1824 Andrew Jackson ran against John Quincy Adams.  A newspaper conducted a poll of 500 people and Andrew Jackson received the most votes.  This started the era of using the straw poll to predict who will win the most votes.

Marketing methods use many of the same assumptions that are intuitively used by Type D personalities under the anticipation trait.  One of the most effective advertising messages used an FDA warning as a clever tool:

A drug company selling medication to improve sexual performance inserted into their warnings: “Seek medical attention for erections lasting more than 4 hours.”  It’s not hard to see why sales suddenly skyrocketed.

Whereas, C-types analyze data and make mathematical projections based on graphs and figures, the Type D people use intuitive abilities that predict human actions.  Since biology has an infinite number of variables and rejects being bound by mathematical formulas, the D-types are often better at interpersonal projections.

Ceasar was warned by a soothsayer that harm would come during the Ides of March.   When nothing happened, Caesar scolded the seer on his way to the Theater of Pompey.  He was stabbed 23 times upon his arrival there.

These soothsayers are not mystical supernatural psychics.  They recognize the mood of the people, understand consequences, and observe if someone is accessible and how much protection they have.  Based on available information they can make pretty good predictions.  Ceasar likely had a high probability of being assassinated.

2. Cautious. Caution is the care taken to avoid danger or mistakes based on anticipation.  It is a form of self-protection.  It weighs the anticipated risks, the probabilities and consequences of doing nothing, and then projects the need to take action.  Everyone has seen signs of caution or disclosures of risks.  Examples are: traffic signs, warning labels on everything from aspirin to baseball tickets, things that are hot or cold, intoxicating beverages, how to raise children, etc. Even marriage licenses have subtle warnings.  These words of caution are literally everywhere.

The Titanic was the greatest ship at the time.  Perhaps they needed a warning sign: “Only enough lifeboats for first class passengers.”

Next time you see a caution or warning sign, smile, and say, “Thank you D-types.”

3. Observant. This word has many meanings. But the one best used in describing this personality trait is being careful in honoring rites, laws, and customs.  A few examples include:

Setting up and operating internet/telephone trees to notify others of rules relating to Covid-19 safety recommendations.

Participation in home delivery meals for unemployed people for a local church or charitable organization.

Calling the police about people speeding on residential streets.

Reporting those people and companies hoarding thousands of hand sanitizer bottles, toilet paper supplies, and protective masks.

4. Control/Power. As with all personality traits, D-types also use control and power to anticipate future probabilities.  Most people do this through marketing.

The Dos Equis ad, “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” implies that if you start drinking Dos Equis you will become attractive to women.  The marketing campaign was successful.

Elon Musk was about to send a test rocket to space, but he needed bags of sand for weight.  Instead, he used a Tesla convertible car as the payload weight.  He put a fake dummy behind the wheel.  A camera showed the dummy driving the car in space with Earth in the background.  The implication was that everyone should buy a car that is out of this world.  It was unexpectedly successful.

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