C. What Appeals to the Type D Personality Trait?

Type D personalities are great listeners.  If you want to get something off your chest, seek out a D-type and ask if you can talk.  The best time to do this is at a large party or gathering.  The D-types are ones that are typically off by themselves.  They prefer one-on-one discussions.  In those conversations avoid topics relating to violence, chaos, or hate. 

They are uncomfortable around people and events that are chaotic or unorganized.  A social event at a museum would be great.  In this regard it would be wise to find out what hobbies and interests they have. 

Asking about climate change will definitely catch the D-type’s attention.  It does not mean they believe it, but it involves projections of future events.  This is right up their alley.  It will be an interesting and exciting conversation.  

Anything about future events is open season.  If you are in a business meeting with a Type D person, make sure to incorporate a prospectus on future projections and be prepared to answer detailed questions.  Types of warning labels are also a friendly topic for discussion.  For example, you might ask, “How would you phrase this type of warning?” 

Never get drunk in the presence of D-types.  That throws up giant, invisible caution signs.  On the other hand, if you make a mistake, or have an awkward moment, ask them to forgive you.  They almost certainly will.    

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