D. Weaknesses/Vulnerabilities/Dislikes of Type D Personality Traits.

All positive traits carry a burden.  Anticipation and caution make Type D people vulnerable to feeling responsible for failed predictions or warnings.  Since future predictions change from multiple intervening events, they have a significant probability to being incorrect.  This is a source of significant stress.  When discussing predictions that did not happen, it is best to talk in probabilities rather than, “You blew that one.”  There are very few future predictions that have a 100% accuracy.  The sun and moon rising and setting have a very high probability, but even that is slightly lower than 100%.

The agreeable trait carries a significant weakness.  This occurs when Type D people do not speak up on a matter that they are disputing.  Rather than voice their objection, they hold back.  This causes stress in two ways.  First, the position they are disputing may be adopted.  Second, the failure to say something is internalized and they feel guilty of being weak. 

In business matters, if the other side knows you are a D-type, they will intentionally have a large number of people at the meeting.  They will ask, “If anyone has an objection please raise your hand.”  The D-type will not want to be the only one voting against the proposal and will likely not raise their hand.  There are two basic ways to handle this situation.  First, do not go into meetings with multiple people.  The Type D people have no problem voicing their opinion in a one-on-one meeting.  However, if a solo meeting is impossible, the next best thing is to have a proxy at the meeting.    

A common tactic of judges during the questioning of jurors is to ask, “Is there anyone here that feels they cannot serve as a fair and impartial juror?”  This is done to speed up the process.  However, it comes with some risk.  There have been situations where jurors were sworn in and heard all of the evidence.  But when they retired to vote on the verdict, it was discovered that one could not understand any English.  Whoops.

People have tried to use the forgiveness trait against the D-type.  However, it seldom works, since they may forgive someone without telling anyone. 

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