Activity includes things that are fun, exciting, pleasurable, or humorous.  Most believe that selecting an activity would be easy.  It is not.  The first thing is to list everything you would love to do.  The word “you” means you.  Not your spouse, children, parents, or friends.  Those people will likely play a part in your ultimate selection.  But this is your list.  What did you enjoy while you were growing up?   What vacation did you enjoy the most?  What smells, tastes and sounds bring a smile to your face?  This listing process uses the artistic part of the brain.  As such, daydreaming is a good thing.

After the list is completed, the selection process comes into play.  This process uses the rational part of the brain.  Do you have the time to learn how to play the drums?  How will your practice sessions affect others?  How much money will it cost? 

Click on the links below for a discussion of a few of the activities that bring joy.   The general category discusses why these activities are beneficial, which are the most popular, which impart the best health (you’ll never guess this), which ones are recommended for people burned out, and how often you should do the activity.