A key to determine if you like a particular hobby is to observe whether your hobby feels more like a job.  Do you constantly look at the clock so that you can leave?   Do you spend more time at the Hobby than you did or do at work?  Do you enjoy buying the same type of thing on a repetitive basis?  Perhaps you might be interested in making, creating, or collecting that thing. 

Everyone enjoys music, but do you find yourself listening to the riffs between cords or do you notice a feeling change between the major cords and the minor cords.  If so, you may want to take some music lessons.  Music is health’s most effective elixir. 

Have you noticed that you have a green thumb with plants?  People that have this talent do not realize how much skill it takes.  This might be a great hobby for you. 

Did you like writing short stories in your past?  Taking a writing class may bring back fond memories and feelings. 

If you know the difference between knitting, crocheting, and needle point, you are a candidate for sewing hobby. 

When you see an attractive setting do you look at the shadowing or the best angle to emphasize a feature?  If so, photography is likely a good hobby to try. 

Do you like collecting things like stamps, coins, baseball cards, comic books, magazines, dolls, toys, records, photos, wine, jewelry, fine art, or classic cars? 

This is the short list.  And, the wonderful thing about a hobby is that you can have more than one. 

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