h. Quilting

This is broadly the technique of stitching together of padding and fabric to make a blanket or table cover.  Historically, quilting was used to make blankets.  They found that scraps of fabric could be saved by stitching pieces.  There are hundreds of different patterns and quilting techniques. 

If you know what a thimble is then you probably know more about quilting that the author of this website.  A thimble is a small hard cup worn over the finger to protect it from being poked by a needle during the stitching process. 

i. Hand Stiching

The dedicated quilters use the hand quilting technique.  This is where a needle and thread are used by hand to sew the entire area.  A quilting frame holds the fabric level while the stitching.  The machine quilting is much faster and it uses a sewing machine to sew the layers together.  Sewing garments often use a 5/8 inch seam allowance, but quilters use a ¼ inch allowance.  This takes more skill and practice.  Do not obsess over mistakes.  Many times these mistakes impart unique features to a quilt design.  This distinguishes them from manufactured quilts.  Since a handmade quilt is a work of art, it is a tradition to stitch in your name, the quilt name if you have one, and the date. 

Many have clubs where fellow quilters work together, usually on their own quilts, and talk about the topics of the day, share stories, or spread positive rumors.  These clubs are often the source of life-long friendships.  Studies have shown that quilting is one of the most effective activities in reducing stress.  

ii. Quilting Organizations

There are many, many organizations that ask for quilt donations and distribute them to people in need throughout the world.  The names of these organizations are on-line.  There are also organizations dedicated to the quilters such as the American Quilter’s Society, and The American Sewing Guild.  An internet search using Yelp™ can find quilting clubs in your area.

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