A. How to Pick a Hobby involves Looking for the Opposite of a Job.

If your hobby feels like a job, you may want to go in another direction. is a website that attempts to place people in a job or find people to fill a job.    

If you are constantly looking at the clock – look for a different hobby.    Do you enjoy buying the same type of thing on a repetitive basis?  Perhaps you might be interested in making, creating, or collecting that thing. 

Everyone enjoys music, but do you find yourself listening to the riffs between cords, or do you notice a feeling change between the major cords and the minor cords?  If so, you may want to take some music lessons.  Music is health’s most effective elixir. 

Have you noticed that you have a green thumb with plants?  People that have this talent do not realize how much skill it takes.  This might be a great hobby for you. 

Did you like writing short stories in the past?  Taking a writing class may bring back fond memories and feelings. 

If you know the difference between knitting, crocheting, and needlepoint, you are a candidate for a sewing hobby. 

When you see an attractive setting, do you look at the shadowing or the best angle to emphasize a feature?  If so, photography may be an excellent hobby to try. 

Do you like collecting stamps, coins, baseball cards, comic books, magazines, dolls, toys, records, photos, wine, jewelry, fine art, or classic cars? 

This is the shortlist.  And the wonderful thing about a hobby is that you can have more than one, and if you ever find it boring, you can stop.  

B. What Skills and Talents do you Have?

Many people develop skills in their trade or job.  It is possible that the talent you possess can be transferred into a hobby.  For example, if you were a machinist or a farmer, you might enjoy working on classic cars.   If you were an executive in your occupation, you might want to give back to society.  Teaching a course at a local college might be rewarding.  Volunteering as a guest speaker in various Universities would be in line.  If you were a successful trial lawyer, volunteering your time to people that cannot afford an attorney would be rewarding, and volunteering to help local high school Mock Trial Clubs.   A great YouTube video of a Mock Trial proceeding shows how rewarding this hobby may be.   

C. What Did you Want to Do When you were a Child?

What did you want to be when you were a child?  Did you want to be an actor?  Try out as a volunteer for a local community theater.  Did you want to be a fireman?  That translates into helping people.  Volunteering at a local hospital might be you’re calling.   Did you dream about being an astronaut?  That’s easy.  Give the local rocket club a jingle.   Did you want to be a singer?  Volunteer as a singer in the choir at your church.   

D. What is your Personality Type?

The Type A Personality loves competition and winning.  Sports come to mind.  It does not require participation in the sport but watching, going to stadiums, and fantasy sports would be a great hobby.   Type B Personalities love hobbies that include social interactions.  Type C Personalities would get a kick out of computer-related or technical matters.  Type D Personalities often enjoy helping people cope with stress.  One hobby would be front and center.  That is Horoscope and Astrology. 

Here are a few hobbies that are discussed in detail.  Click on the button to go to the specific hobby page.