Cooking as a Hobby

Cooking has too many benefits to list.  The top five reasons are because it is healthy, fun, creative, teaches differences in cultures, and brings people together.  There are as many different types of food dishes as there are types of birds.  For example, there are many different candies for each country.  A list of candies for each country in displayed in Wikipedia.   Next, take a peek at the different cakes, pies, salads, appetizers, main courses, sauces, etc. for each country. 

A. Health Benefits of Cooking.

Health Benefits are well documented.  Studies have shown that cooking at home unknowingly reduces the number of calories consumed.  People are more aware of what they are eating.  They dramatically reduce the amount of salt intake, consume less antibiotic or pesticide grown ingredients, and cut the amount of added sugars.  Nutrition Reviews is a great place to review scientific studies on these issues.  Reducing the use of microwave ovens improves the food texture and taste. 

B. Classes.

Cooking classes are everywhere.  The on-line classes (less fun but more convenient) are readily available.   Many are listed at the website. YouTube™ on-line classes are a great source from beginners to experts.  Yelp™ provides a list of in-person classes that are located near your home.   The in-person classes are a great source for meeting people and sharing ideas. 

C. Recipes.

Every item in the meal has a recipe.  This is an incredibly large sub-hobby of cooking.   Allrecipes provides insights as to on-line recipes.    Do a computer search for recipes and hundreds of websites pop up.   

 The US Copyright Office Circular 33 states that:

“A mere listing of ingredients or contents, or a simple set of directions, is uncopyrightable.”

As such chefs go to great lengths to keep their recipes secret. 

D. Connection in Healing Fears.

Cooking teaches how to combine flavors to bring out the essence of the food.  One ingredient improves the taste of other ingredients in unique ways. 

This experience helps with reducing fears of strangers.  Each stranger provides a new perspective and improves the experiences.   

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