Horoscope and Astrology

There are multiple definitions of both horoscope and astrology.  In one simplistic view of astrology it is the assumption that the life on earth is influenced by the solar system and the alignment of plants at the moment of birth.  There are four elements that form the basic principles of life and plotted in a circle divided into 12 slices representing various constellations.  Fire is composed of three signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.  Air has the signs of Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.   Water is composed of the constellation of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  Earth is the constellation of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.   Some say there is a fifth element which describes the soul or spiritual aspects. 

The horoscope is a picture of the location of the Sun, Moon, and Planets at the time of birth.  It cannot predict what is going to happen.   This becomes overlapped with the four personality types (A, B, C and D)   There is no scientific proof of any relationship between the four personality types and the four horoscope birth signs other than opinions of people.  Similarly, there is no scientific proof that there was ever a big bang other than opinions of people.  Therefore, everything must be on the table as to its validity or invalidity. 

a. General Information on Horoscopes and Astrology

There are many charts, diagrams, and opinions attempting to categorize people by the horoscope.  For example, one website opines that people born with the Aries sign are sports enthusiasts and are typically leaders.  Taurus people are close to nature and loves to win.  Gemini indulges in mind and body issues and are successful speakers.  Cancer are people who enjoy indoor activities but have an unpredictable nature.  Leo are outgoing people and born charmers.  Virgo enjoy arts and crafts and consider themselves as intellectuals.  Libra are social people and very sensitive.  Scorpio seek inner happiness but mysterious.  Sagittarius are nature loving and adventurous and considered the gentle ones.  Capricorn are shy and innovative and are often accused of being deep thinkers.  Aquarius are detailed oriented and considers everyone as unique.  Pisces are gentle souls and love water activities.  They protect their self-esteem at all costs.

b. Websites

There are many websites available to get started in Astrology.  YouTube™ has many entertaining videos on the subject.  There are many fortune tellers who use Astrology as a means to predict the future for a fee.  There are many who use Astrology as entertainment.  There are others who use the science of astronomy to prove various points of view. 

There are many astrological organizations.  A couple include:

America Federation of Astrologers 

Faculty of Astrological Studies

c. People Involved.

In 1985 the Los Angeles Times reported there are 40 million horoscope readers.    The Independent news magazine reported in 2011 that 75% of the population in England read horoscopes.  The Independent also quoted a study that 58% of millennials between the ages of 18 and 24 believe that astrology is scientific.   

There are many people who believe in the validity of horoscopes.   Robert Downy Jr, Britney Spears, Nancy Regan, etc.

d. Link to Daily Horoscope

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