Music takes practice, practice, and when you reach your limits, you practice more.  A study in Scientific American found that by the age of 20, elite musicians had practiced an average of 10,000 hours.  This study coined the phrase “10,000 Hour Rule.  Very few hobbies concentrate on this one thing – persistence.   The biggest reason people follow this path is that they enjoy it.

a. Are Music Skills Inherited?

Many believe that musical ability is an inherited trait. However, the Scientific American journal cited studies that suggest that it may not be accurate. Those who get a leg up on musical predisposition are more related to the amount of practice that their parents did. In a study of 10,000 identical Swedish twins, the propensity to practice was 40 to 70% inheritable. 

Hence those who have a propensity to jump into music might be the result of the parent’s work ethic more than the parent’s musical skills.

b. What Instrument Should you Select

The next issue is what musical instrument you should select. That is a great question. It should be personal and directed to what brings the greatest pleasure. Economics is not the question unless you want to choose a vocation. Concerning hobbies, the question relates to personal enjoyment. It would be better to select a harmonica if that brings the greatest pleasure over a base guitar which often has the most significant economic demand. Another consideration is whether the instrument can play chords and notes. A guitar can play chords or notes, but not simultaneously. The piano is one instrument that can play everything. In the olden days, the piano was too bulky to take camping. But, with the advance of the battery-powered keyboard, that is no longer a problem.

Musical memory can last a lifetime. Music is retained by Alzheimer’s patients even when they do not recall the day, week, or where they are. Play a song for a group of unresponsive Alzheimer’s patients, and soon, they will begin tapping their feet and exhibiting the all-telling smile. A sleeping guitar player on his deathbed moved his fingers when a song played in the background. A closer look showed that he was playing chords and plucking strings to the music.

There are many music teachers in every location. An internet search provides a great way to find music teachers near you.

c. Playing an Instrument is not required to enjoy Music as a Hobby.

Music as a hobby does not mean you have to play an instrument. Many people collect music memorabilia. This includes records, musical instruments, microphones, postcards, placards, sheet music, jackets, etc. The black Stratocaster guitar was sold for 3.9 million in 2019. A Steinway Tadema piano sold for 1.2 million in 1997. The Beatles vinyl record of ‘Sgt Pepper’s Long Hearts Club Band” signed by all four sold for $290,000. Elvis Presley’s vinyl “My Happiness” record sold for $300,000.