This hobby is one of the best things to reduce stress.  It gets you up early in the morning to take the photo with the exact lighting, makes you stay out late into the night to capture the perfect star clusters, rewards creativity, or instills patience in waiting for the granddaughter to flash the ideal smile.  The number one reason to take a photograph is that it is fun, with travel coming in second. 

In the olden days (the 1990s and earlier), it was considered an expensive hobby.  Cameras had to have the right lenses, the unique filter, the brightest flash equipment, or the fastest shutter speed.  Now, every cell phone takes fantastic photos. 

a. Websites

There are many photographic communities where there is the opportunity to meet new people and friends.  Below are a few organizations that will guide you to more local sites.

American Photographic Artists (APA)

American Society of Media Professionals (PPA)

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)

Photographic Society of America 

Royal Photographic Society

Thousands of websites cover photography.  A few are set forth below.

Dave Marrow Photography

Practical Photography 

The Photo Argus

Geoff Lawrence

b. Popularity of Photography

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies in the nation.  Uploading over 300 million photos occur on Facebook every day.  Everyone at every age and in every place can capture the perfect picture.   A poll showed that of the millions of photographers taking photos daily, eighty percent think they are excellent.  With digital photography, there is no waiting to develop the images, and there is no hesitancy to take more than one photo at a time.