Science and the Afterlife

A. Science and the Afterlife as Viewed by Various Religions

[Limitations] This website does not purport to have expertise on religion or on afterlife.  The most knowledgeable people would be the leaders and missionaries of those religions as guided by their respective Holy documents.  

[General Background]  The Christian and Muslim religions have similar beliefs regarding afterlife.  Both believe in a soul that resides within each of us and after death it leaves the body and goes to heaven.  There are differences regarding heaven and the timing when the soul leaves the body.  The Muslims believe that it stays with the body until Yawn al din or day of judgement.  The Christians believe the soul leaves the body and is judged by God, or enters a waiting location before being judged. 

The Hindus and Buddhists believe in an afterlife in the form of reincarnation.  The Hindus believe that all living being have a soul that never dies.  It leaves the body upon death and passes into another life form. 

The Buddhists religion is more complex relating to the soul.  They believe in a continuous transmigration consisting of rebirth and redeath.  These cycles are considered painful and causes hardships.  The cycle stops upon reaching enlightenment and liberation

B. Definition of Soul and Afterlife

The Holy writings of each religion are the best source of for this definition. 

The dictionary defines a soul as constituting the “essence of a living being.”  That is not very helpful because the “essence of a living being” is undefined.   On the other hand, essence implies something intrinsic or abstract. 

Essence would likely include what we consider our senses, i.e. what we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch?  Certainly our emotions like love, happiness, joy, fears, etc. must be included.   Essential to our essence would be memories.  Few people would want a perpetual life in heaven without memories.  The last thing is free will, i.e. our ability to choose our own paths. 

In this website a soul before and after death must be able to experience senses, emotions, recall memories, and have free will.

C. Can Certain Features be Excluded?

Many features and characteristics of the soul and afterlife can be excluded.  There is no significant observational or theoretical basis that the soul is a mechanical device, a location, a chemical,  a color, etc.  However, there are those who believe a photograph can adversely affect the soul.  

Some characteristics can be considered as “unlikely” to exist in an Afterlife. 

[No Sudden Transport of the Body.]   The physical body is not suddenly transported to another place or time upon death.  There are possible exceptions such as certain Holy Beings.  Jesus Christ would be an example as well as Krishna of the Hindu religion.  But, for the normal person, there is no reported observations that upon death the body is suddenly whisked away.  Bodies have been preserved or frozen for thousands of years. 

[Soul has No Weight During the Life of the Body.]  Our soul has no measurable weight during our lifetime.  For example, a person praying has the same weight as the person not praying.  A person thinking has the same weight as the person not thinking.  A mad person weighs the same as a happy person. 

 [Soul has No Weight after Death.]  There have been tests on the weight or mass of the body immediately before and immediately after death.  There is no observable change in the weight or mass. 

One study reported that there was a small weight loss at the time of the last breath.  That study involved six patients and the reported weight change occurred in one of those patients.  But this study could have been measuring loss of moisture due to the rise in body temperature that accompanies death, or the exhalation air pressure from the last breath. 

Hence, the spirit or soul has no measurable mass or weight during our lifetime or after death, with the possible exceptions of certain Holy Beings. 

There are many things in nature that do not have weight or mass.  Magnetic fields and waves, gravity fields and waves, light, electrical signals, energy, information, thermodynamic forces, etc.  For example, a rock under stress has the same mass and weight as the rock without the stress.

D. Science and the Afterlife is supported by Observations.

Not only are there observations, there are multiple and independent types and sources of evidence. 

[Authenticated Historical Documents.]  The oldest documented evidence are observations by many and written down in verified Holy transcriptions.   This is reported in the New testament of the Bible relating to Jesus Christ.  It is also reported in the Holy documents relating to Krishna in the Hindu religion. 

[Observations]  There are thousands of documented observations from people who died and then came back to life.  It has happens so often that the name NDE’s or near death experiences have been adopted to refer to these situations.  Many of these NDEs describe very similar observations. 

People who have been brought back to life reported witnessing events in the operating room that could only been seen from above.   There are many books and scientific publications written on this subject.  Not a few observations, but thousands.  The very definition of science is based on observations.

[Past Ancestral Recollections.]    There is also an enormous amount of documented observations of past-memories from deceased people.  [Stevenson I. (1983). American children who claim to remember previous lives, The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 171, 12, 742-748; Stevenson I, (2000). The phenomenon of claimed memories of previous lives: possible interpretations and importance, Medical Hypotheses, 54, 4, 652-659; Chris Carter, Science and the Afterlife Experience: Evidence for the Immortality of Consciousness” (2012).] 

[Statistical Evidence] Statistical evidence is considered admissible in legal cases.  For example, smoking causes cancer could not be proven by testing and observations.  But statistical evidence showed that a higher percentage of smokers ultimately came down with cancer.   All vaccines approved by the FDA are based on statistical analysis. Identifying someone as being at the scene of the crime using DNA evidence is based on statistics.   The law of quantum physics is based on statistics.  

There is  Statistical Evidence showing that up to 70% of the people on earth believe that a soul exists and more than 60% believe in an afterlife.  That’s more than 4.6 billion people.  Mass understanding by 4.6 billion people is significant evidence and is a part of the “Scientific Method.” 

E. Scientific Natural Laws & Principles Support the Existence of an Afterlife.

Many scientists say that science and the afterlife are inconsistent.  This is based on the inability to explain all the scientific details or negate all possible options.   However, the lack of understanding is common in all branches of science. 

It is used all the time by scientists and is accepted.   For example, The Big Bang Theory allegedly occurred 13.8 billion years ago without supporting observations.  Manipulation of pure mathematics and opinions from learned people without more is not an observation.  However, telescope observations recently found that the Universe was expanding, and that it was expanding at an accelerating rate. 

If one big blast started the Universe the highest velocity would occur at the beginning and gravity would cause it to slowly decelerate.  Because of gravity, the same scientists postulated that eventually there would be a Big Collapse. 

The observation of an accelerating expansion directly negates the Big Bang premises.  Rather than abandoning this theory, the scientists came up with “dark matter” and “dark energy.”  When asked what these two dark entities were the responses were that it is currently beyond human understanding. 

Life is so complex that thousands and thousands of biological phenomena are far beyond our current understanding.   For example, the sperm and an egg undergoes more than a 100 trillion (1015) divisions to form a human being and is far beyond scientific understanding.  How one cell is destined to become a particular cone in an eye while other cell is destined to become part of the small toe is beyond our abilities.  No one and no computer has the capacity to understand how this is accomplished. 

But we know that it happens. 

There are many published scientific theories that provides scientific explanations that could support the soul and afterlife phenomena.

 1. Wernher Von Braun Theory.  This is a name selected by this website to represent all those scientists who believe that God uses natural laws, i.e. fundamental laws of the Universe.  One of those laws is that information does not disappear without a trace.  It is merely transformed or moved.  This is called the law of Conservation of Information.

Von Braun and many other scientists contend that if information relative to the University is preserved in perpetuity, why would God not apply those fundamental laws? 

Those scientists that argue that after death there is nothing but emptiness are taking a position inconsistent with fundamental natural laws.   

 2. Electrical Signals Theory.  This theory is based on the millions of electrical signals that are occurring in the living human body.   These electrical signals have been detected, measured, and reported in almost every medical treatise on the subject. 

Electrical signals have been observed from our senses.  For example, when visible light strikes a cone in our retina, it triggers electrical signals, to be sent to our brain. Our emotions can be described as electrical signals in our brains.  Our active memories are electrical signals and our static memories are stored in our cells and then converted into electrical signals upon activation.   Our free will and all analytical thinking is the result of manipulation of these electrical signals. 

 3. Energy Fields (Auras) Theory.  An Aura is an energy field present around the outside of the body.  Many believe that this energy field is transmitting mental signals and receiving signals matching to the frequency of the field.  Some practitioners are able to see different colors and shapes from these auras.

The known Energy fields include magnetic fields, electric fields, gravitational fields, and quantum fields.  Electro-magnetic fields propagating through spaces carry radiant energy in the form of radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma waves.  Energy fields are strange features in physics and take on various features depending if they are moving or stationary.  They are complex and some are considered theories as opposed to laws. 

The critics point out that all living animals give off infrared radiation depending on its temperature.  But infrared at body temperatures do not give off different colors.  Infrared radiation are waves that extends straight outward from the source.  

A study of the changes in Aura during the dying process showed significant unexplainable changes.  Upon death, the energy field appears to flow outwardly through the crown of the head.  Doctors observing this phenomena captured images of this observation. 

In addition during this period the families reported a feeling of doom.  Many of these family members who were in distant waiting rooms rushed-into the patient’s room without receiving any communication.  

 4.  Quantum Energy Fields Theory.   The Quantum field theory is a combination of Maxwell’s electromagnetic field and Einstein’s Gravitation Field.  It is a newly discovered (postulated) energy field residing in the infinitesimally small particles.  It also is governed by probabilities as well as natural laws.  For example the same particle can be in two different places at the same time or nowhere.  The quantum field is one of those fields that is currently beyond our current understanding.

 Dr. Stuart Hsameroff  reported that he and Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist, opined that the overall brain function derives from quantum level microtubule vibrations.  They also acknowledged that this brain activity could exist outside the body in a theory of consciousness called “Orch OR”.  And that the quantum information could exist outside the body indefinitely as a soul.  

There are various natural laws known to most scientist.  One law provides that information is never lost.  If it did there would be a decoherence or information paradox.  The law was proven experimentally using nuclear magnetic resonance where a single qubit underwent complete randomization and then the information was recovered. 

Since information cannot be destroyed, it must survive an individual’s death.  All information is embedded in a general energetic information field.   

 5. Zero-Point Energy Field (ZPF) Theory.  According to this theory, all matter is a resonant oscillator in a stochastic radiation field.  A perfect vacuum is filed with a stochastic radiation field.  The properties of matter, including the human brain, dynamically interact with the Zero Point Energy Field.  Electrons and its electrical variations (signals) can cause perturbations in the individual dance patterns that might correlate to consciousness.  The bidirectional flux of active information implies free-will based decision making. This is discussed in a study by Meijer and Geesink in 2017 relating to fractal toroidal operator structures to collect and integrate the various fields information of cells and storing the information in a holographic manner at the border of each cell. 

Although the ZPF is affected by the particles having mass, the field itself and the information has no mass or weight. 

6. Harmonic Brain Field Theory.  This theory is discussed in a study out of Boston University. The conventional neuron theory is that electrical signals travel along fixed transmission lines, i.e. neurons.  The harmonic resonance theory is an alternative and based on a holistic approach using fields.  The electro-chemical standing waves in the neurons are not consistent with the emergent Gestalt property of perception.

The harmonic brain oscillations involve a feed-forward progression and incorporate a holistic field-like process.  This is supported by electro-encephalograph recordings showing that global electrical oscillations pervade the entire brain cortex rather than isolated neuron circuity.  An analogy is illustrated by sprinkling sand on top of a vibrating plate.  The sand accumulates at the nodes, but in the larger area between the nodes the particles dance randomly.  To concentrate only on what happens at the nodes ignores what is happening at all other locations.

The frequency architecture of the brain and body is approximately 8 megahertz.   The frequency harmonics of the Earth is approximately 8 megahertz.  It is not surprising that biology or living things adopted the same basic harmonics as the earth.   This indicates that the brain has adopted a field-like communication network rather than based on a fixed circuit.

What does the harmonic brain field theory have to do with afterlife?  It shows that fields can instantaneously transport information over vast distances (earth and heaven) without a physical connection and the theory is consistent with the elements of perception and consciousness. 

7. DNA Information Theory.  This theory is that universal biological information is stored in the DNA of all living entities.  There are 3 billion DNA base pairs in a single human genome.  And each DNA molecule could store 1.5 gigabytes of information.  There are more than 100 trillion cells in a human body.  That means each living person has the capacity to hold 150 trillion gigabytes of information.  The entire United States Library of Congress holds an estimated 235,000 gigabytes.  Hence, the DNA of one individual can hold 425 million libraries of congress.  The numbers are too large to imagine. 

Therefore, the amount of information contained in the DNA molecules is trillions and trillions of time more than needed.  How is this information transferred to others?  There are several basic methods.  The basic one is biological, i.e. birth.  Another method is by variations in the fields. Another is by quantum entanglement. 

These transfers methods can exchange massive amounts of information. 

One limitation of this theory is that a living biological life form is needed to contain the information.  This may be consistent with the Hindu and Buddhist religions based on reincarnation.  

The DNA Information Theory would explain why people often have memories of deceased ancestors.  That information resides within them.  It would explain why people with a near death experience often recall talking to and seeing deceased people.  That information is also within their DNA. 

But, it also indicates an important point.  It supports a dynamic aspect of information, i.e. free will.  The deceased ancestor’s information can participate in conversations.   But dynamic information is not unusual.  We do it every night during dreaming, which is considered an offline memory processing function

DNA represents an exciting information portal to access this enormous reservoir of dynamic information. 

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