Nickname(s):                        The Peach State

Motto(s):                                 Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

State song(s):                        Georgia on My Mind

Capital & Largest City:       Atlanta, Georgia

Admitted to US:                   1/2/1788                  4th State

Brief History

Early in its history rumors spread that Georgia began as a prison colony.  However, this was only a rumor.  James Oglethorpe was put in charge the Colony, and he happened to be a prison reformer in England.  Georgia was the first to sign the succession from the Union.  As such, General Sherman burned most of the major cities to the ground to set an example. 

Here are a few interesting facts about Georgia:

  • Georgia has one of the highest credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s.  

  • Atlanta is home to the busiest Airport in the world. 

  • It is the largest producer of the 3-P’s: Peanuts, Pecans, and Peaches. 

  • The Masters Golf Tournament is played in Georgia. 

  • It was the first state to allow 18-year-olds the right to vote and the first to allow women full property rights.  

  • The Blue Ridge Mountain provide a spectacular vista of the fall colors matching those in the northeast. 

  • Some famous people from Georgia include: Jimmy Carter (39th president), Ray Charles (singer), Gladys Knight (singer), Jim Brown (football), Ty Cobb (baseball), and many others.

Interesting Stories

Business Climate:  Georgia is one of the top states for business based on overall cost of doing business, favorable regulatory environment, utility rates, and many other factors.  It has held that top spot since 2014.  Georgia has the #1 rank for small business climate and #2 for most startups by women.  The worst states are probably not who you think: Hawaii and Rhode Island.  Look to Georgia for business inspiration.

Clarence Thomas was born in Pin Point, Georgia, and is a steadfast Constitutionalist.  His parents were descendants of American slaves near Savannah.  Clarence worked on the farm every day from sunrise to sunset and often said “never let the sun catch you in bed.”  He had some difficulty during his Supreme Court confirmation process.  But, his never-give-up attitude and the discrimination that he endured growing up, gave him more than enough strength to fight political injustice.   He is the only Supreme Court Justice that rarely asks questions or gives any hints about how he will decide.  A great justice forged from hard work, appreciation of friends, and he lives by the motto that his word is his bond.


Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  Rosa Parks stood up against segregation on a city bus and Dr. King was there organizing a boycott against the bus company.  He delivered his “I have a Dream” speech and moved the Nation.  On March 29, 1968 he was assassinated.  Dr. King was being watched by the FBI from across the street. They saw the killing but did not intervene.  The Attorney General, Head of the FBI, Director of the CIA and Director of the NSA had Dr. King under surveillance based on an unverified connection to Russia. Dr. Martin Luther King was a bull in a china shop and changed the world for the better.

Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia.  Colonel John Pemberton prepared a tonic based on a coca wine with caffeine.  When prohibition made wine illegal, the current formula sprung to life.  It is the most successful drink throughout the world, and it is distributed to every country except Cuba and North Korea.  The name, taste and shape of the bottle are internationally recognized symbols.  A revolt started when the company attempted to change the formula.  They did not consider a nostalgia backlash and quickly abandoned that effort.  If you have a winner, stay with it.

Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, GA.   He was athletically talented and lettered in baseball, basketball, football, and track.  Jackie was drafted by Branch Ricky, manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to become the first African American to play in the Major Leagues.  He quickly became the most valuable player.  It took Jackie Robinson’s impressive skill to break the Yankee’s hold on the World Series propelling the Brooklyn Dodgers to the 1954 world champions.  During his baseball career he was treated poorly, accused of things he did not do, and made to use alternative transportation and lodging.  But Jackie Robinson responded with grace and a smile.  He would not be deterred from becoming the best baseball player he could be.

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