State Information

Nickname(s):                         The Evergreen State

Motto(s):                                   Bye and Bye

State song(s):                           Washington, My Home

 Capital                                        Olympia

Largest City                              Seattle

Admitted to US                         11/11/1889                  42nd State

Brief History of Washington

Here are a few interesting facts about Washington:

  • Mt Rainier stands majestically, looking down on Seattle.  It is the tallest mountain in the pacific northwest and is an active volcano.

  • Washington produces the most lumber, raspberries, hops, spearmint oil, apples, cherries, pears, and carrots than any other state.  It has the second most wine, behind California. 

  • Washington has the Nation’s largest dam at Grand Coulee. 

  • It has the sixth highest unemployment rate, the 12th highest tax burden, and the highest estate tax (20%) in the Nation.  It also has the 4th highest homeless population per capita and 9th highest number of illegal immigrants. 

  • Some famous people from Washington include Bob Barker (TV host), Fred Couples (golfer), Bing Crosby (singer), Adam West (actor), and many others.

Interesting Stories

Seattle. It’s hard to find a more beautiful setting than Seattle.  Mt Rainier, rising 14 thousand feet and capped by year-round snow, looks down on the city from the east.  On the west is the Pacific Ocean, dotted by thousands of tree-covered islands.  Downtown there is a fish market called Pike Place Market. It is the oldest, continuously operated farmers’ market in the United States.  Not only can you find the freshest fish, but there is also much spectacle involved, with vendors throwing fish straight to the cashier when sales are made.  And some of the largest companies have located here, including Microsoft, Amazon, Costco, Nordstrom, Boeing, Zillow, and more. 

William Boeing purchased a small lumber company a few miles south of Seattle.  He became fascinated with flying and decided to build hydroplanes.  He built a few seaplanes for the Navy brass.  The following year, WWI began, and the Navy ordered 50 planes.  After the war, he directed his attention to commercial buyers.  A commercial airmail service became a significant customer, later renamed United Airlines.  When WWII began, Boeing built bombers and P-51 Mustang fighters.  The mass production lines turned out 30 planes per day.  In 2018, Boeing had over $100 billion in revenues and employed 153 thousand workers.  In January 2019, it was the largest commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world. 

Ray Charles was born in Georgia in 1930. He became blind by the age of 7.  After his mom died, he moved to Florida to find work.  Finding little success, he decided to move to the west coast, landing in Seattle.  He fell in love with the friendly people and soon became the hottest musician in town.  He met a record producer from Los Angeles, and his hit records began selling.  His record “What’d I Say” was his hallmark song, and his version of “Georgia on My Mind” became the Georgia state song.  Ray Charles was one of a kind.