The Fear and Joy Connection

The Fear & Joy Connection

General Concepts.

The Fear and Joy Connection is an exceptionally simple concept.   It measures your happiness by adding all of the Joys in your life and then subtracts all of the Fears.  It is shown in the cartoon, and explained in more detail in the Read More link below.

Because it is simplistic it strengthens its validity.   For example, many scientists scoffed at Albert Einstein’s equation of E = MC² as too simplistic.  They said it was so simple that had to be an error.  They were wrong.

Beautiful simplicity is the rule of nature not the exception. 

There are scientific observations done by Barbra Fredrickson that provide evidence that positive emotions (joy) appear to undo negative emotions (fear).  This beautifully simplistic concept works.

In the cartoon, the three lines of people are carrying buckets of liquid Joy representing an ever-lasting supply of this precious  fluid.  The biggest line represents Joy from the family and the love of family.  This is described in greater detail in the chapter on family.   The second line carries buckets of Joy associated with activities such as humor, inspiring stories, hobbies, nature’s incredible beauty, etc. 

The third line totes buckets of spiritual Joy.  This is discussed in the Seven Joys of Religion.

The Cauldron is full with a beautiful blue liquid representing happiness. 

As in all aspects of life, there’s also a negative side.  Three drain pipes represent the loss of happiness that is associated with losses from fears.  

The right drain pipe relates to the amount of happiness being removed because of fear caused by manipulation.  There is a valve on that pipe that is controlled by an illusive Elf.   The Elf turns the valve to control the amount of happiness flowing out.  So be nice to Elves.  They turn the valve in relation to the frequency and amount of manipulation occurring. 

For example, with respect to manipulated fears, the more knowledge a person acquires results in less manipulation, and that reduces the loss of valuable happiness liquid.   On the other hand if the person is extremely fearful, the Elf opens the valve a little more.

The middle drain relates to fears associated with personality traits.  This varies dramatically depending on the type and amount of fears applicable to their personality type.  

For example, a Type A person may have a large amount of fears associated with a perceived loss of control. The Type B personality may have their greatest fears relating to the loss of a friend. 

An Elf turns the valve depending on the ability of the personality type to handle each particular fear.  An A-type person would have no problem terminating a under performing employee whereas a B-type may suffer great stress in losing an employee friend.  But, B-type personality may fly through public speaking with ease whereas the same fear will send a C-type through the roof.  The Elf takes all these factors into account in closing or opening the personality valve.

The left drain relates to the number and type of particular fears.  A person afraid of everything may lose so much of the treasured blue liquid, that it drains the Cauldron too quickly.  The valve on this drain pipe controls the amount and promptness of treatment.  If the fear is big, such as being abnormal, it must be treated immediately. 

With the reduction of fears comes more happiness.   This sounds simplistic, but this is how nature works – remember Einstein’s equation. 

The Cauldron also has a meter that measures the happiness level.  It displays the range of good happiness levels and flashes a warning if it drops too low.  This was obviously installed at the request of a Type D Personality in consultation with a C Type engineer.  The meter goes off when:

  • you’re feeling down,
  • when you’re becoming too sarcastic, or
  • the ultimate, when you begin to swear. 

When that happens, it is time to work on reducing fears and adding Joy.

Perhaps it’s time to start your family.  Since this is the larges supply of joy, it may be an excellent place to begin.   Going to church is always a good idea.  Or, maybe it’s time to take that vacation.  Camping out in the back yard and looking at the Milky Way Galaxy is good for a couple buckets of Joy. 

Then there’s the biggie.  It’s referred to the “double shot” because it adds joy while simultaneously cutting fear in one fell swoop.  It’s called forgiveness.  If you have difficulty understanding this trait, checkout the link for the D-Type personality.  It’s one of their dominate traits.

The following four photographs are links to the topic described below each photo.  These four topics cover the essence of how to reduce fear with joy.  

Fear and Joy Pairing

Joy/Fear Ratio

Adjusted Joy/Fear Ratio

Practice Exercises

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